Published by: Stephanie Pena

Welcome to the right shoes for you!

We know that it's hard for you to find the right shoes for you... So here are some shoes that will help you out throughout the day.

Whether you work all day at work or in general, you're feet get exhausted. Therefore these brands have created shoes for comfort!


running shoe
Nike Odyddey ($120)

Nike Odyssey's are Nike's most popular light-weighed shoe!

This shoes in commfortabe troughout the day. However, it is for a narrow foot. The sole is functional and it also works for trainning, and running. They come in various colors! If you're interested then check out their website! If Nike isn't your prefrence here's Some other options...


running shoe
UtraBoost ($180)

UltraBoost are known for the "cloud feeling" product! Here's some Pros and Cons...




The function of this model will last you a decade, Literally!

running shoe
Asics ($160)

Asics has had it's reputation of having it's high supportive arches. The colorful colors, and the most supportive gel shoe when it comes to running!

This shoe is passed on down to generations from the past and it still remains the #1 MOST supportive shoe!

Which shoe was your favorite?